SONATA- A new minimally invasive surgical method

Radiofrequency ablation of fibroids under transcervical ultrasound control (SONATA® system) has been available in Switzerland since 2017. Under anesthesia, a probe is inserted into the uterine cavity to locate the myoma and treat it by applying heat, which usually takes only a few minutes per myoma. The heat treatment shrinks the fibroids in the following weeks and months. After 3 months, experience shows that 90% of bleeding disorders are reduced.

The Sonata method is a relatively simple method of treating multiple symptomatic myomas without an abdominal incision or injury to the uterus. Post-operative pain is rare. The method is also possible if you want to have children.

gynhealth is the first practice in Zurich to offer you this method. We have set up a special myoma consultation hour for this purpose, where you can be examined and advised in detail.

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