Midwife consultation

A medical pregnancy check takes place in the midwife's consultation (checking blood pressure, urine, weight, child's heart rate) and afterwards plenty of time and space will be available for individual advice and pre-birth discussions (approx. 45-50 minutes).Together with the gynecologists, we would like to provide you expert support and guidance on the following topics during this special time:

  • Changes in pregnancy
  • Information about offers regarding childbirth
  • Treating pregnancy symptoms alternatively
  • processing and discussing previous births
  • breastfeeding preparation

In addition, we offer complementary services for pregnancy problems, for birth preparation and in the puerperium.

Our Midwifes will be glad to welcome you to a midwife check-up in the gynhealth clinic every Wednesday.

Bettina Haller

Breastfeeding advice
Childbed (ward 5/6/10/11)


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