Nadine Spitzley

Crisis advice, support and empowerment


Accompaniment, support and personal development for women of all ages.

Coaching enables change and self-awareness processes based on an authentic, appreciative relationship between you as a client and me as a consultant.

As a sensitive listener, I encourage you to get to the bottom of the causes and to be honest with yourself. Together we make your inner voice heard so that step by step, at your own pace, you can come closer to your own truth and thus discover ways out of the “crisis”, be it of a physical, mental or spiritual nature. I look forward to getting to know you personally in an initial meeting.

To make an appointment, please call me directly: 076 518 28 58 or send an email to

You can find more information about me and my work on my website:


1995-2000 Studied architecture in Cologne
2000 Degree in Architecture
seit 2013 Voluntary work at Dargebotene Hand Zurich and self-employed women’s coach
2012 Burnout Symposium at the Sanatorium Kilchberg, Zurich with, among others, Dr. Beate Schulze

Recent Activity

seit 2015 Team member of gynhealth, Zurich

Independent Practice

2017 Foundation of “numoon zürich”,, Circles & Workshops für Frauen rund um das Thema Weiblichkeit

Certifications and Doctoral Thesis

2009-2011 Apprenticeship as psychophysiognomist according to C. Huter with Hans Murer, Rapperswil
2009 Seminar “Spiritual Psychology” with Ronald Zürrer, Zurich
2011 Mindfulness Seminar at the Sanatorium Kilchberg, Zurich with Susanna Püschel-Attinger
2011-2012 Training as a trainer for non-violent communication according to M. Rosenberg, at Gerlinde Ladera hr synergie, Zurich
2012-2013 Training in “Resource-oriented Advice” at Dargebotene Hand Zurich
2014 Training innerwise® – energetic therapy and coaching system according to Dr. med. Uwe Albrecht, with Kurt Meier, Rapperswil
2015 Further training in “Listening to Yourself” at the umbrella organization of the Dargebotene Hand Switzerland
2015 Further education “Tantra Polarity”, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2016 Symposium zum Thema Psychosomatik am Sanatorium Kilchberg, Zürich
2018 Further education “Mujer Radiante”, Zaire Leal, Palma de Mallorca
2020 Speaker training human star Veit Lindau


Nadine Spitzley

gynhealth GmbH
Höschgasse 50
CH-8008 Zürich

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