Preimplantation diagnostics and aneuploidy screening (PID/ PGS)

Since 2017, PID (preimplantation diagnostics) have been allowed in Switzerland for certain indications. With PID, embryos can be examined for hereditary diseases within the context of an artificial insemination (IVF) before they are placed in the uterus in couples who have an increased risk for a certain hereditary disease. PGS (preimplantation genetic diagnosis, aneuploidy screening) is also permitted in Switzerland. Here, embryos are examined for new mutations such as trisomies or monosomies before being placed in the uterus.

These procedures do not increase the likelihood of pregnancy, but by screening the embryos, unnecessary embryo transfers can be avoided and couples may be spared a costly treatment. We will be happy to advise you in our clinic about the options for such a therapy and will be happily referring you to centers that offer this treatment.

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